Brooksville, FL: City housing authority awaits its end

Once residents are cleared out of two Section 8 housing developments, the Brooksville Housing Authority plans to disband — leaving one housing authority in the county instead of two. Randy Woodruff, who chairs the city housing authority board, said while group members don’t know when vouchers will come in to help relocate residents in the 126 housing units at Hillside Estate and Summit Villa, one thing is clear — once they’re gone the next step is to sell or otherwise get rid of the properties. Once that’s finished, he said the housing authority would disband. “Ideally, we’d like to not exist by the end of 2012,” Woodruff said. “But ultimately that will depend on where we are with (the Department of Housing and Urban Development), when we can have something decided in terms of what to do with the properties.” Plans initially have been to demolish both complexes. However, that would depend on funding and whether the properties can be sold.

Hernando Today


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