Cabrini Green: Life before and after the high rises

In December 2010, Annie Ricks was the last resident to leave Chicago’s Cabrini-Green high rises. Chicago Housing Authority vacated residents from the near north side complex as part of their Plan for Transformation. While some residents moved to the mixed-income community Parkside, adjacent to Cabrini, others relocated to housing scattered throughout the city. The CHA and former Mayor Richard M. Daley cited squalid conditions and crime-laden areas as the reason to adapt from high-rise living to life with all income levels. For many residents, however, closing Cabrini-Green was about more than physical structures; it was about separating from neighbors and losing a sense of community.  Chalonda McIntosh was one of the residents who was displaced. She spent a year on Chicago’s West Side but then returned to the area and now lives in Parkside. She joined Steve Edwards on Afternoon Shift to share her experinces living at Cabrini-Green, and what life is like now.



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