Featured Job: Executive Director, Aurora Housing Authority

Executive Director, Aurora Housing Authority, Aurora, IL:

The Aurora Housing Authority is comprised of 35 employees and manages and administers 652 public housing units and 893 housing choice vouchers. AHA is seeking a new Executive Director with strong leadership skills, innovative and entrepreneurial thinking, and the ability to utilize creative finance and development methods to improve the Authority’s existing public housing stock and participation in the HCV program. Located just West of Chicago, Aurora is the City of Lights and has quickly become the second largest city in the state of Illinois due to its increasing growth and its location near the Illinois Technology and Research Corridor.

The Executive Director will be responsible for the overall management and administration of all Authority programs, operations, and staff, working with the Board of Commissioners to accomplish the goals of the strategic plan. He or she will manage and oversee all financial responsibilities, serve as the Authority’s Contracting, Human Resources, and Public Information Officer, as well as manage the Authority’s projects and relationships with developers and partners.

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