Poverty strikes a smaller percentage in southeast Louisiana in wake of Hurricane Katrina

Southeast Louisiana bucked national trends and became less poor than it was a decade ago, largely because of new investment due to rebuilding efforts and because of the post-Hurricane Katrina diaspora, which forced many of the city’s poor families to find housing outside the region, according to an analysis of U.S. census data released Thursday by the Greater New Orleans Community Data Center. Calling the post-Katrina exodus “the largest population displacement since the Dust Bowl,” the study noted that it “changed the map of poverty” in the 13-parish region considered southeast Louisiana. But the rest of the region showed little increase in poverty, suggesting that most poor people relocated outside the region. Research shows that since Hurricane Katrina struck the region in 2005, the poorest people have been displaced the farthest and have the hardest time returning, said Data Center chief demographer Allison Plyer.

Times Picayune


One response to “Poverty strikes a smaller percentage in southeast Louisiana in wake of Hurricane Katrina

  1. Eric schultheis

    Dear sir,since hurricane katrind my life has been turned upside down with the death of both my parents after the hurricane along with the scams of road of home money i am one step fr6 being homelessI HAD TO DROP OUT OF MEDICAL SCHOOL CUZ LACK OF FINANCES,I HAVE NOTHING AND CANNOT EVEN GET ANY U.I.INSURANCE SO SINCE I NEVER OWNED A HOME, IS THERE ANYWAY THAT I CAN GET ANY ASSISTANCE IN GETTING INTO A HOME OF MY OWM R ANY TEMPORARY ASSISTANCE? PLEASE LET ME NO ASAP,THANK U!

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