Featured Job: Portfolio Manager, Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing

Portfolio Manager, Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing, Arlington, VA:

Oversee our current portfolio of 995 units at 12 properties. Provide pro-active management, including overseeing facilities maintenance and capital improvements, monitoring revenues, maintenance and operating expenses, ensuring funder and LIHTC program compliance, and facilitating resident satisfaction. Ensure effective and efficient property management by our third party manager.
Oversee APAHs multifamily housing portfolio and the work of our third party property management firm to ensure consistent, efficient and quality management of APAHs 12 sites with 995 units in Arlington.

Oversee the physical condition of the properties and plan for long-term ownership by APAH. Perform regular property and unit inspections. Troubleshoot facility challenges, including underperforming HVAC systems, security and parking options. Supervise consultants providing capital needs assessments, engineering studies and renovation projects. Plan for capital improvements.

Participate in planning for APAHs future development. Provide architectural and equipment guidance to APAHs Real Estate Development team.

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