Dashed Hopes in Visitacion Valley

The main commercial drag in San Francisco’s Visitacion Valley is largely empty, with the street dead-ending at a fenced-off toxic-cleanup site. There had been high hopes for an improvement project, but it has been put on hold indefinitely, disappointing a neighborhood that is one of the poorest in the city.
When California dissolved the agencies earlier this year—rerouting their tax revenue to public safety and schools—the state allowed projects that had progressed to a certain point to continue. In San Francisco, this included every effort except for the one in Visitacion Valley. The reason: An unexpected court ruling halted negotiations on the project just before it reached the threshold to carry on after the dissolution of the agencies.

Despite the halt to the redevelopment project, other plans are being discussed for Visitacion Valley. Sunnydale is set to be transformed as part of a city-sponsored plan to improve some low-income housing projects. The goal is to replace the 700 or so units there now with 1,700 new ones catering to people across income brackets.



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