Connecticut town sued for allegedly trying to ‘keep out’ black residents

A small Connecticut town is being sued for allegedly discriminating against minorities in an effort to keep its black population “so low that it does not register above zero percent,” according to a federal complaint. The town of Winchester “systematically and unlawfully” works to keep out African-American families by denying access to federal housing vouchers known as Section 8, according to a lawsuit brought by the Connecticut Fair Housing Center and plaintiff Crystal Carter. Carter, a single mom of six children, joined the lawsuit after she was allegedly told by the Winchester Housing Authority (WHA) that she was ineligible to apply for Section 8 housing in the town because she was not already a resident. According to census data, 94.4 percent of Winchester’s 11,000 residents are white and 4.5 percent are Hispanic. The number of African-American residents is “statistically zero,” according to the complaint. The Connecticut Fair Housing Center filed the lawsuit last week and is seeking both a policy change and punitive damages.

NY Daily News


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