In Affordable-Housing Program, City’s Oversight of Builders Is Criticized

The mayor’s housing program calls for the construction or preservation of 165,000 apartments for low-, median- and middle-income New Yorkers by the time he leaves office. It is well regarded by most housing advocates. But there have been construction problems with 11 percent, or 598, of the 5,214 for-sale apartments for moderate-income households sponsored by the agency at 135 separate projects, according to a spokesman for HPD.  Some dissatisfied homeowners, along with a group of construction unions, support a bill that the City Council approved unanimously last month that would require HPD to publicly disclose information about builders of affordable housing, including how they were selected, the size of their subsidies, construction complaints for each project and workers’ wages.  Mr. Bloomberg has vowed to veto the legislation, saying a key element of the bill would be costly and irrelevant to resolving construction-related complaints at what they say are a relatively small number of projects. The City Council will almost certainly override the veto.



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