Despite neighborhood outcry, Beverly (MA) Housing Authority moving forward with affordable housing project

In the face of neighborhood opposition, the Beverly Housing Authority has received the final permitting required for a project that would put two affordable townhouses – including one for a returning disabled veteran – on a parcel of land next to the Montserrat MBTA Station. The roughly $1.2 million development will add four units of affordable housing to the plot abutting the train station parking lot and bordered by Spring and Essex streets and repair a single-family affordable home already on the site. The Montserrat Neighborhood Group, a coalition of residents in the Montserrat section of Beverly, has opposed the project since first hearing about it through local newspapers in 2007, citing concerns over safety and the decrease in value of neighboring homes due to affordable units coming in. But officials with the city and the BHA explain that it’s an “as-of-right” project because the BHA – which is not a city agency – owns the land, and can build anything on the land as long is it does not violate any city ordinances or zoning laws. There is no obligation to hold public forums.

Boston Globe


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