Baltimore: Settlement in decades-old fair housing case

Hundreds of families living in some of Baltimore’s most impoverished neighborhoods will get to move to better conditions under a proposed settlement that could finally resolve a fair housing case dating back to 1995. The case arose when the American Civil Liberties Union of Maryland sued HUD, saying that it demolished old public housing high-rises where mostly African-Americans lived — only to move the residents to equally segregated housing and poor conditions in other parts of the city. Under the settlement, HUD will allocate an unspecified amount of money to expand a housing program that was created in the 1990s under a partial settlement and called for new housing opportunities for displaced public housing residents. The Baltimore Housing Mobility Program has since moved more than 1,800 families to better neighborhoods in the city and the suburbs. The program also provides families with social services such as credit counseling, help with job placement, and transition services. The settlement calls for using the program to move up to 400 families annually through 2018 — which could mean relocating more than 2,000 families.

The Baltimore Sun


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