Featured Job: Senior Project Manager for Real Estate Development, West Side Federation for Senior and Supportive Housing

Senior Project Manager for Real Estate Development, WSFSSH, New York, NY:

Real estate development at West Side Federation for Senior & Supportive Housing (WSFSSH) includes the construction and/or substantial rehabilitation of new affordable and supportive housing units, often in conjunction with development of complementary community facility and/or commercial space, as well as the acquisition/preservation of existing housing units to ensure their long-term affordability. Some examples of projects WSFSSH is currently engaged include: brownfield site clean-up and moderate rehabilitation of a 145-unit senior housing development in the Bronx; new construction of 480-student charter school in Washington Heights; assemblage of multiple lots on the Upper West Side to yield 175 units of new affordable and supportive housing for homeless, seniors, and families; and evaluation of existing portfolio redevelopment opportunities.

The Senior Project Manager for Real Estate Development will report to the WSFSSH Director of Real Estate Development and will be responsible for implementing a range of housing and community development projects from inception to construction completion and conversion to permanent financing. The position will require collaboration with others within WSFSSH to facilitate overall development goals. Such goals include: project management of recapitalization and retrofit of existing WSFSSH properties; development and tracking of project budgets and coordination/securing/requisitioning of project capital and operating funding; communication with and oversight of real estate project teams (including architect, contractor, and environmental or other consultants) both before and during construction; coordination of pre-development activities (including but not limited to community outreach and notification; facilitation of tenant relocation efforts; participation in land use review protocols; identification of potential commercial and/or community tenants, etc; careful review of all project legal documentation; and coordination of activities of all internal and external team members to ensure that projects are delivered on time and on budget.

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