YouthBuild Jobs Program Receives $75 Million From Obama Administration

The Obama administration announced on Wednesday a $75 million round of grants for groups that teach construction skills to disadvantaged youths while they earn high school degrees or GEDs. But, in a twist, the program — which has had federal backing since 1992 — will for the first time this year offer training opportunities in fields beyond construction. The additional offerings in fields like electrical appliance installation and heating and air conditioning systems are an acknowledgment of the ongoing weakness in construction, and a nod to the increasing emphasis in job training programs on quickly growing, well-paying fields. As part of the program, called YouthBuild, the Department of Labor will give its annual pot of cash to 74 programs in 28 states and the District of Columbia, serving an estimated 5,000 young people. A full 24 of those programs do not focus on the traditional YouthBuild field of construction, but rather on other fields that are growing more quickly.

Huffington Post


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