Auburn housing authority looks to council for PILOT

The Auburn Housing Authority asked the City Council to take an action Thursday that will help the organization renovate an aging apartment complex. AHA Executive Director Stephanie Hutchinson requested a 40-year payment in lieu of taxes, or PILOT, agreement. The 88-unit Brogan Manor, and it’s sister, the 188-unit Melone Village, are two of only a few remaining state projects. “The state stopped operating subsidies for its housing projects in the 1990s, because they were losing money,” Hutchinson said. “So back then, most of the state projects were turned into federal projects, sold to private owners or they just walked away and left them to deteriorate.” She said AHA applied to federalize its projects, in an attempt to capture federal funding, but was denied in 2002. To raise most of the funding needed for the $10.6 million project, AHA hopes to obtain low-income housing tax credits from the state that it can then sell to a private group of investors. The councilors expressed support of the project Thursday, but Hutchinson said the authority won’t ask for the PILOT unless it is approved for the housing tax credits.


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