Kansas City: Plan aims to reverse urban core’s decline

Here in Manheim Park and across much of Kansas City’s east side, neighborhoods have emptied out over the past half century. Last week, city and county officials took two important steps in a re-doubled effort to repopulate the urban core. Land Trust of Jackson County transferred to city ownership 447 blighted and abandoned properties in and near the so-called Green Impact Zone, which includes all of Manheim and parts of four other neighborhoods. City Hall is better equipped than land trust to fix up the houses that are worth saving, tear down the rest and turn over the vacant lots to neighboring homeowners or developers who might build new houses and apartments.
Assuming the proposed ordinance gets final approval in coming weeks, land bank officials will begin the herculean task of putting those 447 properties and, within a year, thousands of others like them back onto the tax rolls. It’s a hopeful new attempt, neighborhood leaders say, at reversing generations of decline, devastation and despair east of Troost Avenue.

Kansas City Star


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