Question: Set Aside Projects with Developmentally Disabled Tenants

From Barry Cummings, Director of Development, Chenango County ARC:

We are trying to create a LIHTC deal w/ state dollars to build a 34 unit complex and set aside 11 units for the developmentally disabled. The special needs tenants would not require 24 hour care and would be truly integrated into a community setting.  Are you aware of anyone doing a  set aside project with just the developmentally disabled as the special needs tenant population?

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4 responses to “Question: Set Aside Projects with Developmentally Disabled Tenants

  1. Hi Barry,

    I saw your question in today’s Affordable Housing Report.

    LINC Housing completed SEASONS at Compton in 2011. It is a new construction community for a blend of limited-income seniors, seniors with developmental disabilities, seniors who care for dependents with developmental disabilities, and recently homeless seniors with disabilities — one of the few examples of integrating these underserved populations.

    Here is a link to our pages about SEASONS at Compton:

    We hope this is helpful.

    Nina Dooley
    Vice President, Corporate Development & Communications

  2. We are working on our 3rd tax credit assisted project which serves this population. The overall development incorporates the 48 units into an integrated community with homeownership and condominium units.

  3. More from Barry:
    The proposed set aside population would be individuals or families w/ individuals that are developmentally disabled. It is possible that someone could come from a homeless situation.

    We intend on submitting an application to NYS HCR for the early round for new construction of 34 family rental units. We currently have a RARP ( Rural Area Revitalization Program) app into NYS HCR thru the Gov. Cuomo’s 2012 Consolidated Funding Application process. That RARP app is to acquire 4 derelict 2 story row houses and demolish them. Once the 4 lots are vacant 4 new 2 story two bedroom townhouses would be built in concert with an additional 30 units on a vacant adjacent lot. That project has been deemed a Regional priority project. I am assuming that secures the project as meeting a state “housing goal”. NYS OPWDD has a set aside this year for their developmentally disabled clients in the NYS HCR RFP as a targeted population. We are reaching out now to engage OPWDD into a meaningful dialog to gain their support.

    What makes this project different is our targeted set aside population does not fall within the category of Supportive Housing that has been previously utilized: homeless vets, aids, parolees, substance abuse, mentally ill, domestic violence, single mothers. We are trying to break down another “silo” of disadvantaged persons and integrate them into the general population. Hopefully at a huge cost saving to the tax payer.

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