Huntsville Housing Authority chief hopes new study changes attitudes about public housing

Huntsville Housing Authority Executive Director Michael Lundy hopes a new study by the University of North Alabama changes some minds about people who live in public housing. The study, conducted over the summer by two UNA economists and a professor of statistics, attempts to quantify the impact that the authority’s 7,926 residents of public housing and the Section 8 housing program have on the local economy. According to the report, public housing tenants spent an estimated $3.7 million on taxable goods last year, generating $129,170 in sales taxes for Huntsville and $18,452 for Madison County. Spending by participants in the Section 8 housing voucher program generated $174,061 and $24,865 in sales taxes, respectively, for city and county governments. “This study clearly demonstrates that the people we serve do have an economic impact on the rest of the city,” Lundy said Friday.

Alabama Live


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