Denver’s Achievement in Connecting Jobs, Affordable Housing and Transportation

In 2004 Denver region voters approved an ambitious plan to expand the regional public transit system with new lines opening across the area. Before and since the passage, working families across the Denver region earning between $20,000 and $55,000 have been spending an average of 59 percent of their gross household income on housing and transportation combined. Like all Americans, transit costs — both time and money — are on the rise for residents of the Denver region. And the majority of people living in America are not able to get to most work opportunities within 90 minutes using public transit. The abundance of affordable homeownership opportunities at the perimeter of our region often unexpectedly strains household budgets: for every dollar an American family saves by moving to more affordable housing, 77 cents are spent commuting back to their jobs. If public transit were available and reliable, the average driver in Denver could save $834 a month, or over $10,000 a year, by switching to public transit — money that could be saved or spent to strengthen our economy and increase quality of life. Seizing the opportunity to connect housing, transportation and employment, the City of Denver, Enterprise Community Partners, the Urban Land Conservancy and a coalition of partners created the Denver TOD Fund in 2010.

Huffington Post


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