Weisner picks new ‘key’ Aurora (IL) Housing Authority members

Mayor Tom Weisner intends to replace two Aurora Housing Authority board members this month, a move that could potentially turn the tide of the seven-member board. Weisner will replace AHA Board Chairman Al Schuler and member Bill Burns with Aurora businessman Scott Voris and Realtor Shauna Wiet. Less than a month ago, Weisner appointed former Aurora Police Chief Bill Powell and Rey Cruz, owner of Cruz Investments & Wealth Management, to two other AHA board spots, replacing AHA Board members Avis Miller and Myrna Molina. Weisner said it was time to put some fresh faces on the board. Weisner has appointed six new board members to the seven-member AHA board since May 2011. Weisner said that the direction that Schuler and other AHA board members were pursuing — to rebuild housing at the Jericho Circle public housing complex site — was not in alignment with his goals. He said a rebuild would continue a tradition of segregated housing at the site along Jericho Road on Aurora’s southwest side.

The Beacon-News


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