Solar Power for all Income Levels

One incorrect assumption about solar energy is that it is only for the wealthy. For starters, a decrease in the cost of solar panels plus a variety of tax credits and other incentive programs available nationwide have made the power source an affordable option for an increasing number of people. Now, public housing projects are turning to solar energy as a way to decrease utility bills for municipal agencies while also spreading the benefits of renewable energy to more people. In July, the DHA announced that it was undertaking a massive upgrade on its buildings with a plan to put up more than 10,400 panels on 387 rooftops by next year. DHA paid for the project through a power purchase agreement that provides the DHA with three opportunities to own the panels over the next 15 years. The Boston Housing Authority in August completed work on a 96-panel solar water heating system for a six-story public housing building, reported.


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