NYC Micro apartment idea draws macro response

The city announced Thursday that it has received 33 responses to its request for proposals to create smaller apartments—popularly known as micro apartments.

The tally came two months after the city issued its request for proposals as part of its adAPT NYC Competition, a contest seeking a developer to build a rental building on a city-owned parcel in Manhattan on East 27th Street. At least three-quarters of the apartments must be between 275 square feet to 300 square feet. The city said the contest generated widespread interest. The city said submissions flowed in from everywhere from New Jersey and Massachusetts to London and Amsterdam. The adAPT NYC competition was designed to encourage developers to build smaller apartments for young people in the city and to deter people from illegally cutting up apartments. City zoning laws bar the creation of apartments that are smaller than 400 square feet, but the selected developer will be allowed to design and build a rental building at the Kips Bay site in which at least 75% of the apartments will range between 275 square feet and 300 square feet.

Crain’s New York


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