Inside the best of New York City’s Section 8 affordable housing

New York is one of the leading cities in the country for attempting to provide citizens with quality housing. Certain developers have gotten so good at it, some of the homes are in state-of-the-art buildings with amenities like computer lounges, 24-hour security and roof gardens with river views. Tenants living under the Section 8 federal subsidy program pay one-third of their income as rent. In the five boroughs, the average rent paid in the program for NYC Department of Housing Preservation vouchers is $434 with average income of around $15,081.27. Vouchers for Section 8, though, are disappearing as the federal government cuts program funds. Individuals normally receive Section 8 vouchers from NYC Housing Authority. The waiting list, however, is 124,000 people long with over 40% of current voucher-holders disabled. There are 93,000 Section 8 units available in the city. The latest presidential budget requested a $640 million cut (out of $9.34 billion) to the 35-year-old program nationally. Here are five locations citywide where Section 8 recipients have great homes.

NY Daily News


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