Could you live in 150 square feet? Cities try out micro-housing

Micro-housing aims to diversify downtowns and give workers the chance to shorten their commutes, but not everyone likes the idea. Despite a soft housing market nationwide, rents in some of America’s biggest cities are still beyond the means of many families and singles who both want and need to live downtown. So cities from San Francisco and Seattle to Chicago and New York have begun trials of ever-smaller efficiency apartments – dubbed micro-housing – in the hearts of their metropolises, proposing units as tiny as 150 square feet with monthly rents as low as $495. On Tuesday afternoon, San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors met to discuss proposed legislation that would allow developers to build units at the 150-square-foot size. While some applaud efforts to diversify these downtowns and give workers the opportunity to shorten their commutes to city centers, opponents question whether this move is good for the quality of life – either for the renters or for the nearby neighborhoods.

The Christian Science Monitor


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