North Dakota Housing Needs Study

Responding to a new prediction that North Dakota’s population will jump 25 percent by 2025, Gov. Jack Dalrymple said Tuesday he will advocate boosting state subsidies for public works and low-income housing. A study commissioned by the state Housing Finance Agency, presented at a conference Tuesday, forecasts that the state’s population will rise to almost 842,000 people in 13 years. Statewide demand for new apartments and homes will rise by 30 percent, the study said. Housing needs will be particularly acute in western North Dakota’s oil country. The population of three counties at the heart of the state’s oil development is expected to swell from the current 32,000 residents to more than 73,000, the study said. On average, North Dakota will need to add about 6,000 more housing units — apartments and homes — each year for the next 15 years, Dalrymple said.

The Jamestown Sun


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