Report: D.C.’s affordable housing needs boost

A new report has criticized D.C.’s efforts to provide affordable housing, saying the Gray administration hasn’t held up the standards set by previous mayors, even as the city’s home prices continue to skyrocket and the income divide grows. The report was produced by the Coalition for Smarter Growth, which advocates walkable communities. The report calls on the city to mandate that 30 percent of housing units in projects on D.C. land be set aside for families who make less than the region’s median income, which is $107,500 for a family of four. But other experts say the housing landscape isn’t that simple, as prior mayors have ruled in real estate booms. A spokesman for Gray said the report was one-sided. Meanwhile, U.S. census figures show the income gap in the District has gotten bigger in the post-recession era. The difference between the wealthiest households and the poorest in the city in 2009 was $71,000. Now, the gap has widened to more than $125,000 as the median income in the city’s wealthiest neighborhoods are more than $155,000.

Washington Examiner


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