Framingham Housing Authority to start $1M in upgrades

The Housing Authority says a $1 million facelift will brighten up the building, improve handicapped accessibility and add amenities such as some in-unit showers.

Communal showers haven’t been a selling point at the Memorial House, a public housing complex for the elderly on Hollis Street. The Framingham Housing Authority says the awkward situation of tenants sharing bathing quarters in the 60-unit building is largely to blame for a high vacancy rate. When completed next summer, the upgrades should solve many problems and attract older people looking for subsidized housing, Director Kevin Bumpus said.  Concerned about the occupancy rate, the state Department of Housing and Community Development is supporting the project, Bumpus said. “Really, it’s a last resort, I think,” he said. “We have to increase the occupancy because I don’t think the state can continue to fund the building (if it’s only half full).”

Metro West Daily News


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