LA: A New Housing Model at the New Genesis

Like developer Skid Row Housing Trust’s last four projects, the New Genesis is considered supportive housing because it includes onsite social services. Tenants access everything from medical care to drug counseling to mental health treatment without leaving the building. The New Genesis represents a distinct evolution in the nonprofit’s model. To qualify for a unit in Skid Row Housing Trust buildings such as the New Carver, the Rainbow or the Abbey apartments, tenants had to have been homeless for a year or more, and needed to have a documented disability. The restrictions ensure that the subsidized apartments are filled by those who most need them. With the New Genesis, however, the SRHT’s core demographic is joined by neighbors who simply need a less expensive place to live. Some of them will reside in five larger units in the building branded as “artist lofts.” The apartments range from 567 to 770 square feet and include mezzanine levels. The loft units rent for $949 (the rate goes up slightly if there are two or, at most, three people living there). Part of the organization’s move toward a mixed income project was inspired by its tenants in other buildings, said Mike Alvidrez, SRHT’s executive director.

LA Downtown News


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