New York landlords urged to house Sandy victims

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is expected to ask the feds for $30 billion in disaster relief. Part of that will go to housing. It’s been two weeks since Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast and thousands still need a place to live. Some have even suggested putting people in a former jail — or using foreclosed properties. That’s because even before Sandy hit, it was hard to find an apartment in New York. Landlords like Ron Moelis want to help. Out of his company’s more than 8,000 apartments, about 150 are vacant. Moelis is among New York’s big landlords who have been meeting with government officials since the storm to figure out a way to house the displaced. One idea is to create a directory of what’s available for rent, but there are issues to work out.  A plan is expected by the time President Obama tours storm damage in the area Thursday. Moelis has been here before. He’s been developing affordable housing in New Orleans post-Katrina.



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