Milwauke, WI: Marrying Rehab and Affordable Housing

So how can cities creatively marry affordable housing, community quality, historic rehabilitation, vibrant commerce, civic uses, and urban revitalization in one compact neighborhood? In Milwaukee, we are watching a long-shuttered part of town undergo exactly this kind of renaissance.  The area: a new neighborhood appropriately dubbed “The Brewery,” as its current urban form emerged in the mid- and late-1800s for what would become famously known as the Pabst Brewing Company.  Today, we have a bright example of affordable housing’s role in building rehabilitation. The kickstarter for the entire Pabst redevelopment stems from the deep financial commitment of one private sector leader, who saw the redevelopment as a legacy project for his family and company. In the case of the Keg Building, the pledged commitment of one private sector partner allowed for a creative development team to garner tax credits, loans, and other support to provide affordable housing and redefine a national landmark.

Rooflines / Shelterforce blog


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