L.A. Moves to Curb Parking’s ‘Wild West’

It’s a familiar scene in car-centric Los Angeles: Motorist drives up in expensive car to sidewalk lectern with “valet parking” sign. Motorist tosses keys to total stranger wearing black pants and white shirt. Convenience to some, menace to others, L.A.’s myriad parking valets could soon, for the first time, be subject to regulation. City officials have proposed new valet parking regulations that the City Council could consider as early as next month. The council’s Public Safety Committee voted Friday to send the ordinance to the council and recommended that the council pass the measure as quickly as possible. The new ordinance would require a valet operator in Los Angeles to obtain a master permit, check employees’ backgrounds and carry liability insurance. It would also prohibit valet operators from using public street parking without permission.

LA Times


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