Palo Alto hopes to spur affordable housing

Palo Alto, a city where affordable housing is famously in short supply, is trying to figure out what types of incentives it can offer developers to provide appropriate incentives for affordable housing. In the process, the city is also trying to demonstrate to the state its commitment to complying with state law – both SB 1818 and the Regional Housing Needs Assessment, a process in which the state allocates the number of houses each region (and, ultimately, city) should plan for. On Wednesday night, the city’s Planning and Transportation Commission considered a proposed ordinance that would both make local law consistent with SB 1818 (by offering, among other things, a density bonus of up to 35 percent) and clarify the process by which developers should seek bonuses and concessions. The commission didn’t vote on the proposal, though members were generally in agreement with the new ordinance and indicated that they are likely to approve it after minor revisions.

Palo Alto Online


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