Smarr Named Vice President of The NHP Foundation

The NHP Foundation announced that Jamie A. Smarr is the newly appointed Vice President of its Affiliate/Acquisition Program.

NHPF’s Affiliate Program works with local affordable housing initiatives by offering finance, asset management, resident services, and fundraising support.

Prior to joining NHPF, Mr. Smarr served as the Executive Director of the New York City Educational Construction Fund, engaging in public-private real estate development partnerships for the school system in the City of New York. Smarr was also a senior aide to the New York City Schools Chancellor, responsible for capital planning and public/charter school development. During his earlier tenure as Director of Tax and Zoning Incentives for New York City’s Housing Preservation and Development Department, Smarr created more than 1,500 units of affordable housing using incentives to encourage public/private housing development.  Mr. Smarr also served in the New York City Mayor’s Office and with the Boston Housing Authority.

–  HeraldOnline


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