Brooklyn: NYCHA, HPD Announce Developer for Prospect Plaza

NYCHA Chairman John B. Rhea and HPD Commissioner Mathew M. Wambua today announced the selection of a development team for Prospect Plaza in Ocean Hill-Brownsville in Brooklyn. The agencies have selected Blue Sea Development Company, Pennrose Properties, Duvernay + Brooks, and Rosenberg Housing Group (Blue Sea & Partners) to develop the approximately 200,000 square feet, 4.5-acre area for new, affordable and public housing units. It will be constructed in three phases, creating a total of 364 new housing units, including 80 units of NYCHA public housing, and 284 affordable housing apartments. The project will include a space for a new supermarket, community facility space with a rooftop greenhouse, and a new recreation area. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) awarded NYCHA a HOPE VI Grant to revitalize Prospect Plaza. The Program emphasizes partnerships with community residents, other agencies, local governments, nonprofit organizations, and private businesses to leverage support and resources. NYCHA will provide $15.5 million in HOPE VI Grant funds for the development of the public housing units at Prospect Plaza.


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