Chicago: More market-rate homes proposed at CHA’s Lathrop site

For more than a decade, the CHA has planned to transform Lathrop Homes into a mixed-income development.  Now, plans are changing a bit.

With its development group, the Lathrop Community Partners, the CHA has at community meetings presented three scenarios for remaking the troubled Lathrop Homes complex. All three proposals would increase the share of market-rate apartments from one-third to one-half, reserving only a quarter of the development for public housing residents, the drawings show. All three proposals include 400 units of public housing and affordable housing, the same number the CHA proposed when it began planning Lathrop’s overhaul. But instead of constructing 1,200 apartments, as originally proposed, Lathrop Community Partners wants to build a complex with 1,600 residential units, with 800 of those sold at market rate. The entire process of transforming public housing has created a tense relationship among the CHA, the residents it serves and the surrounding neighborhoods. For Lathrop residents and their neighbors, the process of determining what will be constructed on the site has been an emotional ride, filled with sudden changes, complicated meetings and technical jargon. There is no final master plan yet.

Chicago Tribune


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