What Does de Blasio’s Affordable Housing Policy Mean for the Homeless?

A number of homeless advocates told the Observer that they were greatly relieved to see that the de Blasio administration intends to re-instate several programs and policies whose disappearance has coincided with the ballooning number of families in the city’s shelter system. Among them: prioritizing homeless families for Section 8 vouchers and NYCHA apartments, as well as moving to reinstate a rental assistance program.

Additionally, now that Governor Andrew Cuomo has removed a restriction that prohibited New York City from using state funds earmarked for homelessness for long-term housing, the city has, if not more funding to shift homeless families into supportive and subsidized housing, then at least the legal wherewithal to do so. (Creating more housing for low-income New Yorkers, a move that was announced in yesterday’s plan and differs from Bloomberg-era policies that focused heavily on middle-income affordable housing, should provide another bulwark against homelessness going forward.)

NY Observer


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