Multifamily Affordable Housing in Michigan: Energy Efficiency for All

May 1st marked the launch of the Consumers Energy program designed specifically to meet the needs of multifamily affordable housing. The pilot is part of a larger initiative to scale up energy efficiency in multifamily affordable housing across the country that the NRDC is helping lead.

The pilot will touch 1,224 units in 79 buildings and utilize $400,000 worth of incentives over the next two years. Based on a typical centrally heated, 3-story, 24-unit masonry structure with 24,000 square feet of heated space, measures such as air sealing, roof insulation, boiler replacement, boiler controls, radiator replacement and CFL installations can result in savings on energy costs reaching $44,350 in 5 years. Seeing approximately the same level of success in these 1,224 units could translate into over $2,200,000 dollars in energy cost savings in just 5 years!

NRDC Switchboard


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