The Mission

The Affordable Housing Report was born out of an email list shared by a group of friends and colleagues in the affordable housing industry.  The group shared interesting articles and passed along job postings.  As more people started to ask about the list, we decided to create a platform for people to easily sign up to receive our updates, and for companies to easily post their jobs.

The Team

The Affordable Housing Report is run by two people:

Emily Allison, Managing Director at the consulting and development firm  Duvernay + Brooks, and Arul Sundaram, an Internet executive and entrepreneur.

Emily has been in the affordable housing industry since 1998, working for HR&A, Mid City Advisors and Duvernay + Brooks.  Arul, meanwhile, had served on the management team for BlackPlanet.com (which was sold to Radio One), Internet Broadcasting (sold in part to Cox) and led AOL Local. In each case, Arul had seen the value of developing a compelling  jobs channel.  When Duvernay + Brooks needed to hire, Emily described the best solution to finding someone as “emailing all our friends”.  At that point, they decided a better solution was needed.

The Content

The Affordable Housing Report still exists primarily as an email digest, but with a robust job website attached.  The daily email (sign up here) highlights important and interesting affordable housing news from the previous day plus featured  job openings from the past two weeks.

The articles on the website are an expansion of the newsletter, while our affordable housing job bank contains all the jobs posted to the site over the past 60 days.